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NBA 2K17 New Change: Shot Meter For Layups

2016-08-24 04:01:00

It's really important for players to change the NBA 2K17 element skill to layups. It seems that NBA 2K17’s overhauled shot meter will be used in close range shots as well.    If you haven’t already heard, jumpshots in this year’s 2K must be released when the meter is full, as opposed to the halfway mark in years past.   Is NBA 2K17’s New Shot Meter Being Used in Lay-Ups as Well?     After scrutinizing the leaked gameplay footage from Gamescom 2016, some hardcore players noticed that the new mechanic was present during layups NBA 2K17 MT Coins low-post shots. You can see some close-ups of the discovery on this Reddit thread. Its presence isn’t a 100 percent indication that layups will now be timing-based the way jumpshots are, but some fans are already worried about the implications.   “I hope this doesn’t mean layups are timed now. I already have to worry about missed layups without timing so I don’t know how much of a nightmare this would be,” said user lakersoffseason in the thread.   Some have praised the change, saying adding an element of skill to layups will encourage players to attack the basket more.   “Layup shot meter makes sense. I hardly ever attack the basket with role players because I know they won’t make it in most cases. This eliminates the automatic layup animations,” reasons PSKingpin in the thread.   It’s also possible that the speculation may be a bit premature. The footage showing the new close-range shot meter featured a hook shot under the paint. No one has been able to see if a driving layup or wide open fastbreak has the new shot meter as well. It would be quite strange if you had to time your release on a wide-open fastbreak.   What do you think of this possible change? Does adding timing to layups make for a more skillful game? Or is ... Devamı